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 Welcome to the Nantucket Public Schools,  a district focused on teaching and learning for  staff and students alike. The Nantucket Public Schools are committed to providing a challenging curriculum, skilled instruction, and a learning environment that responds to individual student academic needs. Our work is guided by research and the belief that every student is capable of attaining high levels of educational achievement in preparation for meeting the rigorous demands of the twenty-first century.

The Nantucket Public Schools' success is directly connected to a dedicated and talented staff, active and strong parental involvement, and a supportive and generous community. Our school district values a system of continuous improvement that permeates every aspect of its work in order to become a center of educational excellence.

The office of the Superintendent is responsible for overseeing the successful operation of the district’s three schools, inclusive of all school-sponsored activities and student experiences. All district administrators report to the Superintendent of Schools and, through these individuals, district employees are held accountable for the welfare of the students and their academic and extra- curricular successes. School programs and student activities as well as finances, special services, instruction, technology, and professional development are coordinated through the office of the Superintendent.

Our work together requires teamwork, collaboration and dedication. We believe in the value of collaboration and communication. We believe that commitment to and implementation of continuous learning lead to improved student performance. We believe in the power of personal connections and relations between staff, students, parents and the community.

I feel fortunate to be part of a professional community that approaches its work with optimism and a tremendous sense of responsibility. We are bound only by the limits of our talent and our creativity. I lead a team of dedicated administrators, talented teachers and committed support staff, involved families and supportive community members, working in partnership to strengthen educational excellence.

I look forward to working with each of you to provide the best educational experiences for our children.


W. Michael Cozort
Superintendent of Schools



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