• Nantucket Public Schools offers a continuum of services and programs for students with disabilities from ages 3 to 22. We are continually adding and improving our programs based on changing student needs.  We offer a robust integrated preschool, the Pathways Program, for students with and without disabilities.

    In general we offer a cascade of educational placements from full inclusion (least restrictive environment where the student is taught within the general education classroom) to residential placement (when the student has failed to make effective progress due to his or her disability despite multiples interventions and supports):

    • Full Inclusion (more than 80% of the time within the general education classroom)
    • Partial Inclusion
    • Substantially separate (IDSC and Life Skills classrooms)
    • Public Day School (Cape Cod Collaborative)
    • Private Day School
    • Residential School

    In addition, parents have the right to place their students in private schools or provide home schooling for them.  The district may be able to offer services through a Services Plan for those students eligible for an IEP who attend private schools in Nantucket.  At times, other agencies such as DYS or DPH provide educational placements in institutions (such as Massachusetts Hospital School/ Pappas Rehabilitation). 

    In addition, all students, regardless of a disability, are entitled to home or hosptial tutoring when they are medically excused for 10 days due to medical or psychiatric reasons, when authorized by their physician.  In rare occasions, the district may provide tutoring rather than an educational placement within the public school.

    Educational interventions available within Nantucket Public Schools include specialized reading, writing or math pull-out groups; co-taught classrooms; tiered interventions with progress monitoring; and separate classes for older students taught by special educators in the area of ELA, Math, Study Skills, or Life Skills. In addition to educational placements, Nantucket Public Schools provides related services for eligible students in the areas of:

    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech and Language Therapy
    • Specialized Transportation
    • Counseling, Crisis Intervention and Social Skills Groups (available to students with and without disabilities)

    The Nantucket School System is lucky to have so many dedicated and trained counselors, therapists, therapy assistants, teaching assistants, and teachers to facilitate the growth and learning of our students.