• April 1-16

    PreK Registration Appointments
    Prepare and send registration documents BEFORE your appointment

    Make your appointment here


    Teacher Announcements, info packets sent home

How to Submit Documents

  • Submit one of three ways:

    1. Email PDF scans or JPEG photos (high resolution and clear to read) to erichsens@npsk.org - please don't reply to an old message; start a new message and include your child's name in the subject line
    2. Drop off copies at NES, 30 Surfside Road (black mailbox to the right of the front doors; come between 9 am and 2 pm if you need the office to make copies for you)
    3. Mail to Nantucket Elementary School, C/O Sarah Erichsen, 30 Surfside Road, Nantucket, MA 02554

Required Documents for Registration

    • Submit via email to erichsens@npsk.org (include your child's name in the message) or bring copies to the NES Front Office (Leave in the drop box to the right of the front doors. Make sure your info is in an envelope with your child's name on it.)

      Identification - ALL Required

      • Photo ID of Parent/Guardian (Driver's license preferred; Passport, MA state ID, military card)
      • Child's birth certificate
      • Physical Exam, signed by a physician in the last 12 months 
      • Immunization/vaccination record, including a lead test

      Evidence of Residency (ONE of the following)

      • MA Driver's License or State ID with Nantucket address
      • Copy of deed or record of most recent mortgage payment
      • Copy of current lease
      • Affidavit of Residency
      • Section 8 agreement

      Evidence of Occupancy (ONE to confirm Residency, dated within last 60 days)

      • Utility Bill (gas, electricity, oil, water, sewer, cable, telephone, wifi)
      • Tax bill (property or excise)
      • Insurance bill (home, rental, health)
      • Current vehicle registration
      • Bank or credit card statement
      • Payroll stub
      • W2
      • Letter from an approved agency (Social Security, WIC, SNAP, TANF, disability)

       If Applicable:

      • Special Education Documents
      • Legal Guardianship Documentation
      • Proof that the adult is seeking Guardianship
      • Massachusetts Transfer Card

      Missing something from the list above? 

      • No Up-to-date Physical Exam: 
        • Nantucket Cottage Hospital 508-825-1000
        • Briarpatch Pediatrics 774-333-3933 (does not accept MassHealth)
      • No paper copy of Physical Exam or Vaccinations:
        • Call your doctor or use your Patient Portal
      • Birth Certificate: 
        • Born in Nantucket Order Online
        • Born elsewhere? Google City Hall or Vital Records of that town/city
      • Valid Parent/Guardian ID:
  • Have Questions? We Have Answers!
    Most unique questions will be answered at our Frequently Asked Question Night in February (stay tuned for a date and time). 

    When does NES confirm a space for my child?
    Upon completing your registration appointment and submitting the documents required for registration, the Central Registrar will confirm that your child's enrollment is complete. 

    When do I find out who my child's teacher will be? 
    Classroom placements are announced at the end of August.

    I work normal business hours. Are there after-school programs? 
    Contact the Nantucket Community School about Extended Day program!

    I am unsure of my plans for September. Should I sign up? 
    YES! We use this info to know how big our K class will be. It is much easier to remove your child from our list in August if you change your mind than to start the process in August from the beginning.

    Are sign-ups and registration the same thing? 
    No. Sign-ups are so we know who to contact about making Registration appointments. I.e. Registration makes it official! 

    Can I request my child be placed (or not placed) with another student?
    Contact Principal Kim Kubisch with your request. 

    I am confused! Who can I call?
    Central Registrar Sarah Erichsen
    508-228-7285 x1149 or email erichsens@npsk.org