NPS Wireless Network

  • Registering your Personal Devices on the NPS Wireless Network

    With the growing use of mobile devices by both staff and students, we have found it necessary to restrict the number of devices that connect to the NPS wireless network. The NPS firewall and content filtering system are licensed by device and the increasing use of mobile devices has placed significant demand on the system affecting both licensing compliance and performance.

    In order to provide better security and safety of the user community as well as comply with our licensing agreements the NPS Technology Department is implementing enhanced security levels on the wireless network. When the project is finished only NPS equipment and approved wireless devices will be able to connect to our system. Once the new network is fully implemented, there will NO LONGER be open access to the Internet from within our network during school hours. Open access will be available from 6:00pm to 7:00am Monday through Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

    If you use a personal computer or ANY tablet in the performance of your duties as a NPS student you will need to register that device in order to connect to the network and to maintain Internet access.

    Click here to register your personal computer. You must be using a NPS networked computer and use your NPS log in credentials.

    Follow the links below for instructions on finding the MAC address for Windows, Macintosh computers and iPads.