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February Student & Teacher of the Month

Student of the Month - Darian Duarte

Darian had a challenging fall, but he persevered with a smile on his face. He worked hard to catch up in his classes and stayed on top of his work despite his absences. He continues to be involved with class events as best he can. Darian has always been a friendly, hard-working student-athlete, but his challenges this fall have also shown him to be a mature and resilient young man.


Faculty Member of the Month - Page Martineau

Page Martineau is clearly one of the best teachers in the school. She has been there for a while from what I understand and continues to be one of the most interesting people to talk to during school due to her ideas and thoughts surrounding our current social and political climate. She keeps her students engaged and makes sure nobody falls behind in class.  She is involved in so many things beyond teaching.