NIS Peanut Allergy Policy

    1. The child's classroom will be peanut/nut-free.
      • Snacks eaten in the classroom will not contain nuts or peanuts
      • Children who bring snacks containing nuts/peanuts will eat them in the activity space and wash their hands before returning to the classroom.
    2.  A peanut/nut-free table will be provided in the cafeteria for children with nut/peanut allergies.
      • Friends or classmates may eat at the peanut-free tables as long as they don't have peanut/nut products in their lunch.
      • Children will be encouraged to wash their hands after eating to reduce the potential of cross-contamination of common materials in the school community (keyboards, balls, playground equipment, instruments, etc.)
      • Tables will be cleaned with soap, water, and paper towels after each lunch.
    3. If your child has eaten peanut gutter, peanuts, or nuts before coming to school, please, have them wash their hands to help prevent accidental cross-contamination of common items.
    4. An Epi-pen or Epi-pen Jr. will be available in the nurse's office for each child with a known peanut/nut allergy.
    5. An Emergency Action Care Plan should be signed by both the parent and the physician and kept on file in the nurse's office.
    6. Staff members will be trained in the administration of the Epi-pen/Epi-pen Jr.