School Counseling Department

  • “Today’s young people are living in an exciting time, with an increasingly diverse society, new technologies and expanding opportunities. To help ensure that they are prepared to become the next generation of parents, workers, leaders and citizens, every student needs support, guidance and opportunities during childhood, a time of rapid growth and change. Children face unique and diverse challenges, both personally and developmentally, that have an impact on academic achievement."

    “Toward a Blueprint for Youth: Making Positive Youth Development a National Priority,” U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

    School Counseling Program Mission Statement: 

    Our mission is to prepare all students to be "Future Ready," by encouraging them to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to succeed academically, professionally, and as productive citizens in our community and society.  Nantucket school counselors are committed to delivering a developmentally comprehensive school counseling program to all students. We strive to serve as advocates for students, allies with teachers, and liaisons with parents and community.

    What is a comprehensive school counseling program?

    The American School Counselors Association (ASCA) explains it this way, “Comprehensive developmental school counseling programs provide education, prevention and intervention services, which are integrated into all aspects of children’s lives. Early identification and intervention of children’s academic and personal/social needs is essential in removing barriers to learning and in promoting academic achievement. The knowledge, attitudes and skills that students acquire in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development during these elementary years serve as the foundation for future success.”

    School Counselors Provide:

    School Guidance Curriculum
    Including academic and organizational support, study skills, goal setting and decision-making, exploration and planning, education on understanding self and others, peer relationships, coping strategies and effective social skills, communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution, substance abuse education, multi-cultural diversity awareness, individual student planning.

    Academic Planning
    Goal setting/decision making, education on understanding of self, including strengths and weaknesses and transition plans.

    Responsive Services
    Individual and small-group counseling, individual/family/school crisis intervention, conflict resolution, consultation, collaboration, and referrals.

    Contact your school counselor:

    Rachel Foulkes
    508-228-7290 ext. 4307

    Katie Manchester

    508-228-7290 ext. 4320


    Contact your school social worker:

    Emily Sybert


    508-228-7290 ext. 4321