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    Welcome to our Summer Reading program, On the Same Page @ CPS! 

    All teachers and students at CPS will be reading the same book, The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin. Each student will receive a copy of The Thing About Jellyfish before the end of the school year. Fifth graders will receive their books on Jump-Up Day, June 15th. Many thanks to the Friends of Nantucket Public Schools and Wendy Hudson of Nantucket Book Partners for making it possible to give a copy to each student.

    At the end of the first week of school in September, students will meet with a group of other students, and at least one staff member, to discuss The Thing About Jellyfish . Students will bring their completed note sheet, designed to help organize their ideas and capture their responses to the book, to this group discussion. The note sheet is included in the following pages. We are very
    excited to read this incredible story together with our students.

    In addition, all students will choose a second book for Summer Reading from the 2017 CPS Summer Reading List. Our book selections cover most of the major writing genres and come from a diverse group of writers. We feel that students will find a book with which they can connect and enjoy. We strongly encourage students to challenge themselves, and recommend that parents get involved and guide their children in making a good choice. All book titles are linked to the Nantucket Book Partners website, www.nantucketbookpartners.com . Here you will find book summaries, reviews and access to online ordering. You may also visit Mitchell’s to purchase the book, or the Nantucket Atheneum to borrow a copy. For the second book, students are encouraged to complete a note sheet to help them prepare for an in-class writing assessment in September.  

    All CPS students are encouraged to read MANY books this summer.  According to James Kim, professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School, “Children and teenagers need to read during the summer months to maintain current reading levels. Reading just 4-5 books during the summer can prevent a decline in a student’s fall reading scores.” Furthermore, “Research shows: the amount of free reading done outside of school has consistently been found to relate to growth in vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal fluency, and general information, students who read independently become better readers, score higher on achievement tests in all subject areas, and have greater content knowledge than those who do not.” (B. Cullinan, Independent Reading and School Achievement ) Additionally, the more one reads, the better one writes!

    Please follow the instructions below. Your participation in the CPS
    Summer Reading Program is essential to starting off the school year on a positive note!
    What you will do:
    1. Receive your copy of The Thing About Jellyfish on June 15th (5th graders) or before school ends (6th and 7th graders).
    2. Read The Thing About Jellyfish during the summer, and note important details using the note sheet provided.  Click here for the note sheet.
    3. Select a second book from the 2017 CPS Summer Reading List. You are responsible for buying or borrowing a copy of the book you select. Complete a note sheet for the second book (optional, yet strongly encouraged). Grade 6 - Click here for the note sheet. Grade 7 & 8 -Click here for the note sheet.
    4. Bring your copy of The Thing About Jellyfish and the note sheet with you on the first day of school. Your English teacher will be collecting the note sheets on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Your notes will be assessed and returned to you prior to the book group discussion.
    5. Book group discussions about The Thing About Jellyfish will take place on Friday, September 8, 2017.
    6. An in-class writing assessment on the second novel will happen in the English classes the second week of school.

    We want to thank our students as they continue to commit themselves to being lifelong learners – individuals who never stop questioning the world through language and imagination...

    The CPS faculty looks forward to discussing The Thing About Jellyfish in September! Have a GREAT summer!

    Warm regards,
    Becky Hickman, 6th Grade English teacher (hickmanre@nps.k12.ma.us)
    Molly Madden, 6th Grade ELA Composition teacher (maddenm@nps.k12.ma.us)
    Adriene Lombardi, 7th Grade English teacher (lombardia@nps.k12.ma.us)
    Melissa MacVicar, 7th Grade ELA Composition teacher
    Chip Davis, 8th Grade English teacher (davisc@nps.k12.ma.us) 

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