School Counseling

About The School Counseling Department

  • Welcome to CPS School Counseling

    2022-2023 School year

    CPS Room 10

    Our door is always open, please come in and say hello.


    Julie Salisbury, CPS School Counselor to

    Grade 6

    508-228-7283 ext. 1447


    Frederick Eruchalu, CPS School Counselor to

    Grade 7

    508-228-7283 ext. 1444


    Pamela Pellegrino, CPS School Counselor to

    Grade 8

    508-228-7283 ext. 1449



    Cyrus Peirce Middle School Counseling Department Vision Statement: 

    We Learn, Grow and Care Through Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship


    School Counseling Program Mission Statement: 

    Our mission is to prepare all students to be "Future Ready," by encouraging them to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to succeed academically, professionally, and as productive citizens in our community and society.  Nantucket school counselors are committed to delivering a developmentally comprehensive school-counseling program to all students.  We strive to serve as advocates for students, allies with teachers, and liaisons with parents and community.