About the 8th Grade

  • Our 8th grade curriculum consists of:


    Math - Ms. Sullivan
    English - Mr. Davis
    World History - Mr. Farrell
    Physical Science - Ms. Kelly

    Math/Science - Mr. Craven
    English/Social Studies - Ms. Freed



    The following expectations will help you to be successful:


    Preparedness: Each student is expected to bring their chromebook charged to school as well as have a pencil, notebook, and class materials.


    Respect: Each student will respect other’s personal space, ethnic and/or racial background, gender, school property, and no “put downs”.


    Responsibility: Each student will work to their potential and tell a teacher/staff member when they or a peer are in need.


    Effort: Students will put forth their best effort in all things:  class work, homework, hall behavior, extra curricular activities, etc.


    Honesty: Approach everything with honesty and integrity.  Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated.