A Message from CPS Principal Peter Cohen, Ed.D.

  • Updated August 2016



    As principal of the Cyrus Peirce Middle School it is my job to facilitate the work of our quality educators and ensure that the students of Nantucket are receiving a high-quality middle school education.  Since arriving at the end of July 2013, I have worked hard to listen, learn, and build relationships with teachers, students, parents, and the Nantucket community.  My completed entry plan can be viewed as a link on this site.

    Two-way, open communication is a critical factor in the success of any school.  We continue to work on providing as much information as possible to students and parents in order to form a partnership.  Each student at CPS needs the support of a team of adults - teachers and parents (and principal) - working together to ensure a safe learning environment and academic achievement.  We believe in working together to do the right thing for each individual student, whatever it takes. Technology is an important tool for communication that we utilize at CPS.  Please be sure to check out our school website, Facebook page, and Twitter account for updates and access to information about all school related activities and events, including homework assignments.  Additionally, I will send out a weekly email with updates from the school.  Be sure to provide us with your email address so that you can receive those updates.

     CPS has much to be proud of and many areas that I have identified as strengths of the school.  Among them are quality educators, a supportive community, and effective communication.  We will build on these strengths as we work to continuously improve.

    We also have areas for growth at CPS.  While these areas have been raised during my entry to CPS, many of them are already being addressed.  We have accomplished much since 2013.  

    • CPS has a new master schedule
    • CPS is a 1:1 Chromebook school
    • CPS continues to expand the system of interventions and extensions for students 

    Together with the support of parents and the Nantucket community, CPS is moving from good to great.  I look forward to facilitating this work over the coming years.




    Peter Cohen, Ed.D.