Educator Evaluation System

  • More than anything, evaluation systems should be recognizing, developing, and promoting the most talented and successful educators. We need an approach to evaluation that is all about celebrating excellence, and ensuring that those who excel also thrive in their workplaces, and stay in education.
    - Member of the Massachusetts Task Force on the Evaluation of Teachers and Administrators

    The Massachusetts Framework for Educator Evaluation

    On June 28, 2011, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education adopted new regulations for the evaluation of all Massachusetts educators. The regulations, which apply to both administrators and teachers throughout the state, are designed to:

    • Promote growth and development amongst leaders and teachers,
    • Place student learning at the center, using multiple measures of student learning, growth, and achievement,
    • Recognize excellence in teaching and leading,
    • Set a high bar for professional teaching status, and
    • Shorten timelines for improvement.