Department of Special Services

  • The Department of Special Services meets the diverse needs of students by providing support in their academic, social and emotional endeavors, through a variety of accommodations, modifications and specialized instruction.

    Nantucket Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, homlessness, or disability in programs, activities or employment.

    Michele Brady
    Director of Special Services & Civil Rights Coordinator

    Robin Altman-Sherman
    Assistant Director of Special Services

    Becky Earle
    Administrative Assistant

    Maria Chirinos
    Administrative Assistant


    Contact Information
    Office:  Nantucket Elementary School
    30 Surfside Road 
    Nantucket,  MA 02554
    Office Hours:  Monday - Friday,  8:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Phone:  508.228.7285  ext. 1355
    Fax:  508.825.2062


    Special Services Staff
    Nantucket Elementary School & Nantucket Intermediate School
    School Psychologist - Jen Laredo
    Guidance Counselors - Jeanne Clark, Lisa Hood, Alexandra Rosenberg, Victoria Adams
    Social Worker - David Seigel

    Lauren Murray, Kim Albertson, Michelle Brannigan, Seth Kearns, Cara Seal, Laura Ubaldino 

    Ann Maury, Samantha Turcotte, Kathryn Linnell


    Kim Albertson, Elizabeth Baraldi, Claire Hasler, Samantha Maxwell, Jaime Collum

    Cyrus Pierce Middle School
    School Psychologist - Sarah Holton-Roth
    Guidance Counselors - Jaclyn Normand, Dauna Coffin
    Social Worker - Julie Kingston

    Stephanie Brucher, Alyssa Billings, Emily Clarkson, Barbara Condon, Marita Scarlett, Theran Singleton, Mark Gonnella


    Nantucket High School
    School Psychologist - Sarah Holton-Roth
    Guidance Counselors - Yuliya Chumak, Courtney Foster, Anita Small
    Social Worker - Julie Kingston 

    Nicole Gross, Stephanie Johnson, Monique Malloy, Jessica Townsend, Casey Cordone, China Davis

    Student Success Program - Andrew Viselli


    Related Services Providers - District Wide
    Speech/Language Therapists - Cathy Bruno, Fred Durand, Heather Freeman, Tedy Veleva (SLPA)
    Occupational Therapists - Ashley Reuss, Alexis Healy-Wurzburg,  Cara Nielsen (COTA)
    Physical Therapists - Angela Wagner
    Vision Therapist - Kathryn Traut
    Deaf/Hard of Hearing Therapist - Kym Myers
    Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Consultant - David Dilley 
    Language Based Learning Disabilities Consultant - Ann Larson