Crisis Hotlines

  • Gosnold Mobile Crisis - 877-784-6273 (24 hour 7 days a week)
    A Safe Place (Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence) - 508-228-0561
    Suicide Prevention Hotline - 1-800-273-8255
    Youth Crisis Support Free - Text 741-741 and type "start"
    Samaritans of Cape Cod and the Islands - 1-800-893-9900
    Fairwinds Counseling Center - 508-228-2689 also, they have free "walk in" services from 5 pm to 6 pm.  Check facebook/website or call for updates
    Nantucket Cottage Hospital - (508) 825-8100

    Parental Stress Hotline: 1-800-632-8188 open 24/7

Behavioral Support Offered to Families

  • If you are looking for additional support and strategies to address your child’s behavior during remote learning time please reach out to Laura Stanley during office hours noted below. She is also available by phone appointment. Also below is the link to her BCBA newsletter that includes additional information, resources, strategies etc. to address behavior.

    Laura Stanley, MS, BCBA, LABA
    District Behavior Analyst
    Nantucket Public Schools
    Phone: 508-228-7290 ext 4226
    BCBA Behavior Newsletter

    Parent Office Hours:
    Monday and Wednesday, 12:30-1:00
    Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00-10:45
    Please email for Zoom ID and password

Fairwinds-Nantucket Counseling Center

  • The spike in mental health and substance misuse challenges on Nantucket right now is noteworthy and the Fairwinds Center wants to help.

    They are offering 7 free groups to anyone on the island who is in need of support at this time. Every day there is a group focused on a different area, for people dealing with high anxiety, couples dealing with increased stressors at home, parents of young children, those with sleep problems, and folks who are trying to stay sober and healthy. We also have a group in Spanish, and a teen group. You can go to for more information.

Good News!

Mindset Shift

  • It easy to get stuck in a mindset- and a negative one at that. We are all experiencing higher rates of stress and anxiety, and when experiencing this it can even more challenging to change our mindset. Take a look at this link for support in shifting our mindsets- it really can help us feel better.

    Mindset Shift


    'I'm stuck at home" -------------------> "I GET to be safe at home and spend time with my family."

About This Page

  • To the LEFT you will see links that our Counselors and Social Workers have shared as resources for both Parents & Students. 

    BELOW are some actions you can take right now, as well as information about how to GET IN TOUCH with your child's School Counselor or Social Worker.

Contact Your Child's Counselor

Assistance for Families

A Message From Our Social Workers: Social Emotional Support Tips During COVID-19

  • Around the world parents and families are being asked to do unimaginable tasks while managing the loss of “normal”. Trying to create a safe and supportive learning environment for their children when they likely feel out of control themselves is a difficult task. We first want to acknowledge just how hard this might be. Children can feel the emotions of their caregivers, which is why taking care of yourself is a vital chore at this time. As you can practice and model how to manage this time, you are actively demonstrating for your children how to do the same. Set reasonable expectations for yourself and for your children. It is important to understand that being home and being present with your children are not the same things and your children will likely be demanding more of your attention than usual as they try to make sense of all the change in their world. Here are some tips to help support your children. If you are interested in more details the links are included below.

    1. Keep or establish routines that work for your family. Try breaking up work times with fun activities - remember children have approximately a maximum of 45 minutes for sustained attention.

    2. Find new ways to add exercise and creativity to each day. Take a family walk, bike riding or yoga. Adding music and art can help give kids creative outlets.

    3. Manage your own emotional health - Try to take a break (even a moment in the bathroom alone) when you are overwhelmed or frustrated and try not to talk about your fears in front of our children.

    4. Limit your exposure to the news. Things are changing rapidly but the social distancing recommendation is in place nationally until April 30, 2020. You don’t need an hourly update!

    5. Stay in touch virtually- help kids find ways to stay in touch with friends and family - maybe plan a family zoom with extended family.

    6. Make plans - when so much of life is out of control, help by finding some things you can control - plan what's for dinner or have them help you create the plan for the day (do they want to do math first, then lunch followed by reading, or would they like to start with reading?).

    7. Keep it positive - try to help kids find at least one positive thing in each day.

    8. Give kids information, but not too much.

    9. Check in with little kids who might not understand what is going on but can feel the anxiety and stress of others in their life. More tantrums, acting out or defiance than usual can be indicators of anxiety in young children. It is important to bring them into your calm rather than join their chaos.

    10. Sometimes you have to let some things go and pick your battles. If you're trying to work from home, parent your children and help with school work it’s likely impossible to do all of those things perfectly. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself permission to make some concessions.

    11. Ask for help when you need it. Reach out to your child’s teacher if you are struggling to get assignments done. Check in with the counselor or social worker if you are noticing significant changes in your child’s behavior. We all need each other more than ever and it is okay to ask for support!

    By Alexandra Rosenberg, Former NIS Social Worker

Time Management Resources for Kids & Parents

  • What is Time Management?