• As part of offering remote AND/OR hybrid instruction, parents/guardians and students must keep in mind that they can be observed by the educator and by other students in what is normally a private/home setting. By participating in this instruction, students and their parents consent to the student's image, voice, and work being video- recorded and/or audio-recorded. The student's home setting should be free of any behavior, activities, items, or arrangements that implicate a student or family’s privacy and that the student and his/her parents/guardians do not want others to observe.

    By opting in to allow the student to participate in the remote and/or hybrid distance learning described above, the parent/guardian and student agree that Nantucket Public Schools and its’ staff, including but not limited to, the student’s educators, have no liability or responsibility if such behavior, activities, items, or arrangements are observed by others. Parents are responsible for monitoring their child’s use of the above listed services when accessing programs from home. Students are responsible for their own behavior at all times. The same rules of conduct and behavior apply as if students were in a typical classroom setting.

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