Degrees and Certifications:

Jennifer Erichsen

Who knew that after 25 years of working for the Town of Nantucket, that making the leap to the Nantucket Public Schools would be so BIG! I've worked in Finance and Public Safety and have assisted in developing a lot of stuff we all do every day. Stuff like Payroll and E-mail and Permitting and trying to keep laptops working for officers who use the cars all the time. But that is the past. Today I manage a team of amazing and pretty strange people. Face it. Geeks can be weird. But they care and do an amazing job. None of us are very good at talking about what we do, so learning what they do has been an adventure. My predecessor is Karen McGonigle, who is my mentor and amazing resource. So far it has been a wild ride, but I’m getting the hang of it.

My education background includes an MS in Computer Science and a BS in Accounting. I have been blessed to use both every day. I also worked on my Microsoft Certifications for a few years, but frankly as soon as you know it well enough to pass the test, there is way more new stuff. I am currently working on my METAA and CETL certifications. Educational geek stuff. School never gets old and I suspect I will be a lifetime learner.

I am married and have 2 grown children, both of whom I am lucky enough to see every day. They are amazing people and admire them so much. Having been an active parent while they went through the school system makes me even more of an advocate for parents. So let the wild ride continue!