Courageous Conversations

  • Classrooms welcome challenging conversations, and this past year has been no exception. Our staff and administrators have shared the following resources for adults working with students and some of the challenging topics that may come up. We hope to foster civil discourse on these issues in a way that brings our community together and helps us learn as a whole. 

    The name “Courageous Conversations” is borrowed from Glenn E. Singleton and Cindy Hays’ works on understanding racial disparities and how to work through them to overcome them. However, in today’s charged atmosphere, we believe the title works well to cover many of the challenging discussions communities nation-wide are having in an effort to collectively improve the human experience for all, but specifically in our local educational community.

    While many of the resources below are directed at teachers and educators, they will also benefit families in search of materials to foster such conversations.

    We suggest you start with Beginning Courageous Conversations About Race (Singleton & Hayes) and with the Anti-Racism LiveBinder (Kerr), a massive repository of anti-racism resources for all.