Nurse's Note

  • We have had cases of RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), Influenza and COVID in school this year. Please monitor your child if they start showing any signs of illness including fever, cough, sore throat, or nasal congestion . RSV, COVID and Influenza are predicted to be particularly bad this year. We are hoping to keep our students as healthy as possible. You can help with this by keeping your child home when they are not feeling well.

    RSV is transmitted through droplets that contain the virus when an infected person breathes, talks, coughs or sneezes. Symptoms usually present 4-6 days after exposure. The virus can survive on the hands or other surfaces for several hours. Good hand hygiene and cleaning surfaces that have been touched or coughed on can help prevent the spread of RSV. Symptoms include runny nose, decrease in appetite, coughing, sneezing, fever and wheezing. Young children and Infants are at highest risk of hospitalization due to complications from RSV.

    COVID is still present in our community and there is a higher risk of spread with the upcoming holidays. Symptoms are similar to RSV. The state has provided 4 tests for every student and staff to use prior to returning to school from both Thanksgiving and Christmas break. We encourage all students and staff to test before returning to school. The Covid vaccine can help prevent hospitalizations and severe symptoms of COVID.

    Influenza has already started this year, we encourage all students and staff to be vaccinated. Symptoms are similar to RSV and Covid and it is also extremely contagious. Young children and older adults are at highest risk for complications from Influenza. Please consider getting your family vaccinated against influenza.

    CDC Covid Testing in School

    Meri Lepore

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