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From the Principal's Office



    Dear Families,

    Welcome spring! Let’s hope the weather has begun to turn.  I hope that everyone has accessed the report cards through the student information system – ASPEN. If you are having any difficulties, please contact the main office staff. They will be able to assist you, especially Jane!

    During recess, children are not allowed to play with hard toys (lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, baseballs, etc.). These pose a danger, as there are so many children at recess. Also, as flip flop season approaches, be advised that these cannot be worn on the playground or in the gym. If students wear flip flops to school, they must have a change of shoes to participate in recess and PE.  Cell phones are against the policies listed in the NES Handbook.  Recently, some fifth graders have been seen with them.  If you allow your child to have a cell phone, please remind them that they stay off in school and should only be used after the school day has ended. 

    There will be some paving done in the parking lots during the break.  As a reminder, visitors are not allowed to park in the Surfside Road lot except for the Visitor and Handicap spaces.  In the lot off of First Way, visitors are only allowed to park in the 5 visitor spots.  No one should park in blue lined spaces and no one should park in numbered spaces.  The best place for visitor parking is the Backus Lane lot.  I am also aware that several people use the rink lot for pick up and drop off.  As this is a business, I would not recommend long term parking there.

    We are very excited to begin the transition planning for our 3rd-5th graders into NIS.  We have hired a principal, Evemarie MacNeil.  She will be joining us in July 2017.  We will take the 2nd through 4th grade students on a tour of the new building.  Shortly thereafter, there will be a parents and community tour.  The custodial staff has a very big job ahead of them this summer.  They will be moving the 3-5 staff over to NIS, they will be moving 2nd grade to the green cluster, and they will be moving those who have not had an office or a classroom space into a classroom here at NES!!  The good news – none of our PreK, Kindergarten, or First Grade classrooms are moving anywhere.  They are staying put!  We will also be welcoming the Special Education Services office into two classroom spaces in the red cluster as well as the Community School into two classroom spaces in the red cluster.



    Kim Kubisch