• Second Grade Beethoven Body Percussion

    The second-grade students have been working really hard at this piece for quite a while now, and finally recorded it! Families can see what their child has been doing in music class AND it is also a great reminder that music still lives on Nantucket!

     WATCH the video here

    Body percussion


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  • Summer Learning is Important!

    Why should children read, write, and practice math over the summer? 
    Kid-Friendly Reading and Writing ideas for summer
    Kid-Approved Math ideas for summer
    Favorites and Recommendations
    NES Approved Learning Applications

    Read the Presentation HERE

    Watch the Tutorial
    Good morning nantucket

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  • Nurse's Note

    Now that we are all back in school full time, it is even more important to keep your children home if they are sick.

    NPS still encourages testing after travel even though the state has lifted the travel restrictions. We all want everyone to stay in school for the rest of the year and to do that we need to continue to be safe, including wearing masks, hand washing, not traveling, and testing when we are sick.

    If your child will be missing more than 3 consecutive days of school, please call the front office 508-228-7285 x2140 (English) or 2187 (Spanish).

    As we get closer to the end of the school year, please continue to remember to screen your child daily for symptoms of COVID. If your child is exhibiting any symptoms of COVID or has been tested due to an exposure or symptoms, please keep them home. Children who are awaiting test results should remain home until results are in. If your child is positive they will need to stay home, they can return with a negative test result. Staying home when we are possibly ill, hand washing and wearing masks are our best defense and will keep our school safe. Thank you for doing your part to keep the schools open.

    As we head into summer and spend more time outside, be sure to remember sun protection and tick checks are very important. The sun damage done at a young age can cause skin cancer as adults. Please be mindful of time outdoors and wear sun protection either clothing or sun block. Tick checks are also important as we spend more time outdoors. Remember to make sure to check for ticks every day and especially after spending time in the woods or tall grass.

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  • REVISED NES Safety Protocols 20-21

    Cohort A parents should stay informed about our most recent updates to the NES Safety Protocols. 


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  • Attendance While Remote Learning

    Attendance in this virtual setting is also required. Students must be online to count as virtually present. Students must also be attending their small group classes. These represent the required services for your child to support their learning.

    The online times are when teachers are teaching students. They are sharing the standards required for students at each grade level. This online time is often interactive with teachers asking students to share, answer questions, and talk to their classmates potentially.

    Should you have any challenges or difficulties please be sure to reach out to your child's teacher.

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  • COVID-19 Family Updates
    Linked to the right in QuickLinks

    Read this week's update HERE

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  • Not Receiving School Emails? 

    Check your Spam/Junk email folder!

    Add the following people to your contacts:
    Principal Kim Kubisch
    Vice Principal Kim Albertson
    Superindendent Elizabeth Hallett
    Aspen notifications

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  • Morning Drop Off

    Kindergarten: Kindergarten Door
    1st Grade: Cafeteria Doors
    2nd Grade, PreK: Main Entrance

    There are dots with teacher names on them. 
    We will have line spaces for each class.
    No student should arrive at school much before 7:40. 
    There will be a few adults outside to supervise students.
    We will ask that no parents stand with students outside for arrival and dismissal.

    Afternoon Dismissal

    Kindergarten: Kindergarten Door
    1st Grade: Cafeteria Doors 
    2nd Grade: Gym Doors 

    Drive through pick up from Backus Lane.
    Students will be lined up with the youngest student in their family.

    *There is no Club Bus this year.*
    Please dress your child appropriately for inclement weather.

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