Nurse's Note

  • Now that we are back in school from break there are a lot of illnesses going around including colds, stomach bugs, COVID and more. Please keep your student home if they are not feeling well. We want to keep our school community as healthy as possible, some classrooms have half of the students out with illness.

    March is a long month of usually not nice weather, but it is still very important for our children to spend time outdoors and play. Screen time is bad for our vision and over time will cause changes to our eyes. The more time children spend outdoors and playing the better. This is a good time of year to start thinking about screen-free days or weeks. In 1994 there was a movement for “Turn the TV Off” week. Screens are even more prevalent in our lives now and can cause changes to your child’s vision long term. The days are longer so there is more time to spend outdoors after school. Please make sure your student is dressed for the weather!

    Meri Lepore

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