Teaching Assistants

  • Cheryl Curtis
    Jolene Eller
    Kathleen Harrington
    Caitlin Hollister
    Liz Sullivan
    Delma Maldonado

Pathways PreK Teachers

Classroom Services

  • The Nantucket Elementary School has the integrated Pathways Preschool Programs for students demonstrating moderate to severe needs and their peers.

    • Kids learn best from their peers.
    • The classrooms are varying levels of skills.
    • The classrooms are integrated by including peers without special needs to help foster typical development.
    • There are supplemental services in alternative settings to decrease distraction and therapies are integrated into all the classrooms.
    • We look for peers to join the classroom who demonstrate exceptional language and social/behavioral skills.




Community Screenings

  • The Preschool Screening team evaluates children within all developmental domains including: cognitive, speech and language, fine and gross motor, adaptive and social skills as requested by their parents. Any parent that has concerns may schedule a screening. Screening days will be posted on the school calendar, advertised in the local newspaper, and can be scheduled with the teachers as needed throughout the school year.

    If you suspect your child has a disability and are unsure how to navigate evaluation and services through school, a helpful web tool is found here in the Parents Guide to Special Education.



Kids Connect Classrooms

  • These classrooms are for children who are at risk or on an Individualized Educational Plans (IEP) and focus on cognitive, language and motor skill development.

    Key Components of Classroom include:

    • Responding to the needs of each particular group; specific children identified in need of early support through our child find program will be invited first, other slots may then be filled by interested families in the community
    • Expanding vocabulary, listening, communication and thinking skills, and social interaction skills.
    • Supporting Pre-Literacy and Basic skill concepts
    • Providing Fine Motor and Gross Motor Activities
    • Dissemination of information to parents and consultation on their child's skill levels
    • Home activities to be provided