• Dear Students, Parents and Community Members:

    Welcome to what will surely be a remarkable year for the Nantucket Public Schools!  This fall, we will open the newly constructed 6th grade wing of the Cyrus Peirce Middle School; and by the end of the 2016-2017 school year our new intermediate school should be completed.  Our space challenges at both the elementary and middle school levels should be eliminated.  The high school will also benefit by picking up three extra classrooms that previously served middle school students. 


    In addition to these classrooms, we have been very busy renovating many existing spaces, in the interior and on the exterior of our schools.  Fresh paint, new floors, improved security measures and lots of classroom moves have been accomplished, while working around an expanded summer school program. We have also added many additional parking spaces and made changes to improve student pick-up and drop off at all of our schools.  While there will undoubtedly be a learning curve, we expect some of our traffic backups to be greatly reduced.


    We fully understand that school is much more than the buildings and classrooms in which we educate our children.  Our job is to help your child grow physically, socially, emotionally and academically and it is an important charge that we take very seriously.  We recognize that every child can learn, but that they learn in many different ways.  So, it is incumbent upon us to find the way in which your child learns best.  To do this, we know that we cannot be successful unless we undertake our mission in partnership with parents and the community.  There are hundreds of ways to make a difference in your child’s education – come into our schools and find out what we are doing and what you can do!


    We are delighted to present this district-wide, Refrigerator Calendar for the 2016-2017 school year.  It is filled with important dates throughout the year and we hope it will provide valuable information about our schools.  It should be helpful and we hope that you will post it in a prominent place in your home and refer to it often as a way to stay involved in your child’s education.  The 2016-2017 Calendar is also posted on our district website at  The website is a great source for even more information about each of our district’s schools and all of our programs.  Inevitably, there are changes to the calendar, including some deletions and far more additions, so check the calendar on the website as we update it regularly.


    The beginning of each school year is an exciting time for your children, our staff and the administration – we still get butterflies in our stomachs as we anticipate the first day.  We can’t wait to have the hallways, classrooms and playing fields filled with the sound of happy and engaged students!


    Respectfully  submitted,

    W. Michael Cozort

    Superintendent of Schools