• Dear Students, Parents and Community Members:

    The  exhilaration around opening a new school may have dissipated, but the beginning of a new school year is always eagerly anticipated. This year is no different! After two months of summer school, hiring new staff and sprucing up the buildings, we are ready.  Hallways have been painted, fields and playgrounds improved, parking lots paved and safety and security features added.

    We know that school is much more than the buildings and classrooms in which we educate our children.  Our job is to help your child grow physically, socially, emotionally and academically and it is an important charge that we take very seriously.  We recognize that every child can learn, but that they learn in many different ways and at different rates.  So, it is incumbent upon us to find the way in which your child learns best.  To do this, we know that we cannot be successful unless we undertake our mission in partnership with parents and the community.  There are hundreds of ways to make a difference in your child’s education – come into our schools and find out what we are doing and what you can do to help!

    This Refrigerator Calendar is filled with important dates throughout the year and we hope it will provide valuable information about our schools.  We hope that you will post it in a prominent place in your home and refer to it often as a way to stay involved in your child’s education.  The 2018-2019 calendar is also posted on our district website at  The website is a great source for even more information about each of our district’s schools and all of our programs.  Inevitably, there will be changes to the calendar, including some deletions and far more additions, so check the calendar on the website as we update it regularly.

    The beginning of each school year is an exciting time for your children, our staff and the administration – we still get butterflies in our stomachs as we anticipate the first day.  We can’t wait to have the hallways, classrooms and playing fields filled with the sound of happy and engaged students!


    Michael Cozort
    Superintendent of Schools