• July 1, 2020

    Dear Nantucket Community,

    I am honored and privileged to begin my tenure today as the next Superintendent of the Nantucket Public Schools. In the short time I have been part of this school district, I have grown to appreciate what it means to be a member of this unique island community with its rich diversity and cultural heritage, and I am grateful to be a part of what makes our school district and our community an exceptional place to work, live, and learn.  I believe that all students in Nantucket have the potential to grow and thrive socially and academically in an environment that cultivates their intellectual curiosity and emotional well-being. It is my responsibility as Superintendent to nurture that positive environment by inspiring educators, families and community members as stakeholders to work together in motivating and guiding every student to achieve to the highest of his/her abilities.

    This year has presented us with unprecedented challenges, as no one would have ever imagined to be living through a world pandemic. School closures since March has been difficult on our educators, administrators, parents and families, and of course, our children. As we move quickly to find the best possible educational model for reopening our schools in September, it is important to remember that students must always feel safe and secure within their school setting where they can thrive socially and academically under the care of their school’s personnel. As Superintendent, I am fully dedicated to ensuring that all students in the Nantucket Public Schools can always learn and grow in a healthy, nurturing environment every day, no matter what the educational model may be.

    Communication and collaboration are essential to building trust, vision, and growth. My service to Nantucket comes with high expectations and high integrity, and I am personally invested in ensuring a quality education for each and every student in our schools. I thank you again for entrusting me with this important responsibility.


    Elizabeth Hallett, Ed.D.
    508-228-7280 x 1150