Department of Special Services

  • The Department of Special Services meets the diverse needs of students by providing support in their academic, social and emotional endeavors, through a variety of accommodations, modifications and specialized instruction.

    Nantucket Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, homlessness, or disability in programs, activities or employment.

    Debra Gately
    Director of Special Services & Civil Rights Coordinator

    Sherri Lewis

    Coordinator of Student Support & Social Emotional Learning

    Susan Oliveri
    Special Services Team Chair - CPS/NHS

    Michelle Cadavid
    Special Services Team Chair - NES/NIS

    Bilingual School Psychologist

    Jennifer Laredo
    School Psychologist - NES/NIS

    Sarah Holton-Roth

    School Psychologist - CPS/NHS


    Morgan Smith-Jones
    Administrative Assistant to the Director

    Maria Chirinos
    Administrative Assistant

    Cecilia Gutierrez

    Special Services Interpreter/Translator

    Contact Information
    Office:  Nantucket Elementary School
    30 Surfside Road 
    Nantucket,  MA 02554
    Office Hours:  Monday - Friday,  8:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Phone:  508.228.7285  ext. 1355
    Fax:  508.825.2062

    Special Services Staff

    Nantucket Elementary School

    Pathways Preschool Teachers - Julia Carew, Jaimie Collum, Juliette LaFavre & Samantha Lee 

    Kindergarten - Lauren Soverino & Nicollette Santiago

    Grade 1 - TBD &  Claire Poulin

    Grade 2 - Elizabeth Baraldi & Kara Evans

    School Counselors - Jeanne Clark & Lisa Hood

    Social Worker - Vanda Gomes Okide

    Nantucket Intermediate School

    Grade 3 - Sarah Gault

    Grade 4 - Shelly Brannigan

    Grade 5 - Laura Ubaldino

    Options - Seth Kearns

    IDSC - Cara Seal & Sarah Dalzell

    Language-Based Learning - Melissa Garland

    School Counselors - Rachel Foulkes & Aaron Peckham

    School Social Worker - Emily Sybert

    Cyrus Pierce Middle School

    Grade 6 - Barb Condon

    Grade 7 - Alyssa Billings

    Grade 8 - Mark Gonnella

    Language-Based Learning - Carolyn Conto Ross

    Reading - Theran Singleton

    IDSC - Casey Cordone

    Options - Marita Scarlett

    School Counselors - Dauna Coffin & Jaclyn Normand
    Social Worker - TBD

     Nantucket High School

    Vocational & Transition - Ian Stewart

    IDSC - Kim Dias

    China Davis

    Nicole Gross 

    Stephanie Johnson

    Monique Malloy

    Student Success Program - Andrew Viselli 
    Guidance Counselors - Yuliya Chumak, Courtney Foster, Chris Miemiec
    Social Worker - Julie Kingston

    Related Services Providers - District Wide
    Speech/Language Therapists - Cathy Bruno, Fred Durand, Emily Sylvia & Teodora Veleva 
    Occupational Therapists - Ashley Reuss, Alexis Healy-Wurzburg,  Noelle Johnson
    Physical Therapist - Marilyn Jones
    Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) - Laura Stanley


    The Nantucket Public Schools is committed to providing your child with services and supports to the extent practicable during the current school closure.  To that end, we are providing virtual sessions.

    The services and supports proposed may be held individually or in a small-group virtual setting, which means it will be accessible to school staff, students, and parents/guardians who are provided a link to the virtual session.  We will strive to limit the disclosure of confidential student information but the nature of these virtual services and supports means that they will be provided in the virtual presence of other participants, including the parents/guardians of other students, and we cannot ensure student privacy.

    In an effort to protect the safety and confidentiality of our students and families, we ask that participants, including school staff, parents/guardians, students, and any other providers, adhere to the following expectations in virtual sessions (including those provided individually or in a group):

    • Participants will not share the links to the virtual services or supports with others or otherwise invite or allow others to participate in the virtual services or supports, without the school district’s express consent.


    • Participants acknowledge other participants in the virtual sessions will see whatever is visible by the participants’ webcam or other device, including but not limit to themselves, their children, and portions of their homes. Likewise, participants acknowledge that they will see whatever is broadcasted by other participants.  Participants agree to participate in these virtual sessions in a quiet, private area free of distraction, to the extent practicable, to provide an environment conducive to learning and to protect student privacy.

    • Participants agree not to disclose information about any other participant in the virtual session, other than the participants’ own child or family member.

    • Participants understand that certain information that may be protected under, among other laws, FERPA, the IDEA, HIPPA, and the Massachusetts Student Records regulations, might be disclosed in the course of providing virtual services.

    • Participants agree not to record in any way (g., video or audio recording, screenshots, or photographs) the virtual services or supports unless otherwise agreed to in advance in writing by all applicable parties. This prohibition applies to services/supports provided individually and in a group setting. The participants acknowledge that recording these services without consent may be prohibited by law.

    • Participants agree to behave in a manner conducive to learning, to the extent possible. Pertinent district policies and rules, including but not limited to those prohibiting cyberbullying and any acceptable use policies, apply during virtual sessions. Students and family members shall refrain from sharing inappropriate visuals or using inappropriate language during sessions.  The school district reserves the right to remove from a virtual session any participant who violates these rules or is not acting appropriately.

    Your participation, or that of your child in any video, audio, or virtual sessions arranged by the Nantucket Public Schools means you agree to these terms and will not hold the Nantucket Public schools liable for release of any student or personal information

    Participants who are unwilling to abide by these provisions should contact Debra Gately, Director of Special Services at