Section B - Board Governance and Operations

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    B BA School Committee Operational Goals The School Committee's primary responsibility is to establish those purposes, programs, and procedures that will best produce the educational achievement needed by our students.
    B BAA Evaluation of School Committee Operational Procedures The School Committee will periodically establish realistic objectives related to Committee procedures and relationships. At the end of a specified length of time, the Committee will measure its performance against the stated objectives.
    B BB School Committee Legal Status The School Committee is the governing board of the town's public school system. Although it functions as a duly elected Committee of town government, the School Committee has, unlike other town boards, autonomous and absolute authority within limitations established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to carry out the educational policies of the state and guide the educational process.
    B BBA School Committee Powers and Duties Because all powers of the School Committee derived from state laws are granted in terms of action as a group, members of the School Committee have authority only when acting as a Committee legally in session.
    B BBAA School Committee Member Authority Because all powers of the School Committee derived from state laws are granted in terms of action as a group, members of the School Committee have authority only when acting as a Committee legally in session.
    B BBBA/BBBB School Committee Member Qualifications/Oath of Office In order to serve on the School Committee, an individual must be a registered voter in the town from which he/she is elected or appointed and must take an oath of office as required by law.
    B BBBC School Committee Member Resignation A current School Committee member who submits a resignation to the appropriate certifying authority terminates School Committee duties at the time of such resignation unless a later time is stated in the resignation.
    B BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment When a vacancy on the School Committee occurs for any reason, the Board of Selectmen and the remaining members of the Committee share the responsibility for filling it.
    B BCA Responsibilities of the School Committee Relationship with Community, Administrators, and Members
    B BDA School Committee Organizational Meeting For the purpose of organizing, the School Committee, at its first regular meeting following the Districts annual elections, will elect from its membership a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Secretary, all of whom will hold their respective offices for a term of one year or until a successor is elected.
    B BDB School Committee Officers The Chair of the School Committee has the same powers as any other member of the Committee to vote upon all measures coming before it, to offer resolutions and to discuss questions.
    B BDC Appointed Committee Officials The Superintendent shall be appointed by vote of the Committee as provided by law and perform all the duties that are prescribed by law and such other duties, not inconsistent there to, as a majority of the Committee may direct.
    B BDD School Committee-Superintendent Relationship The Committee will leave to the Superintendent all matters of decision and administration that come within his/her scope as executive officer or as professional leader of the school system.
    B BDE Subcommittees of the School Committee The School Committee shall appoint members to subcommittees at their annual organizational meeting for a period of one year.
    B BDF Advisory Committees to the School Committee General policies will govern the appointment and functioning of advisory committees to the School Committee other than the student advisory committee, which is governed by the terms of the Massachusetts General Laws.
    B BDFA School Councils BDFA-E-1 BDFA-E-2 BDFA-E-3 As enacted by the state legislature in the Education Reform Act of 1993, a school council shall be established in each school to advise the Principal in specific areas of school operation.
    B BDG School Attorney It will be the duty of the counsel for the Committee to advise the School Committee and the Superintendent on the specific legal problems submitted to him/her.
    B BE School Committee Meetings The School Committee will transact all business at official meetings of the Committee
    B BEA Remote Participation As permitted by adoption by the Town of Nantucket Board of Selection on July 11, 2012, the School Committee of the Nantucket Public Schools shall allow remote participation at its meetings subject to the Open Meeting Law for those individuals who are not able to attend.
    B BEC Executive Sessions All meetings of the School Committee are open to attendance by the public and media representatives. However, the Committee has the right to convene in a closed executive session when it meets the procedural conditions imposed by state law
    B BEDA Notification of School Committee Meetings As required by law, a minimum of 48 hours' advance notice (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays) will be given for any meeting of the School Committee, including all subcommittee meetings.
    B BEDB Agenda Format The Superintendent, conferring with the Chairperson of the School Committee, will arrange the order of items on meetings agendas so that the Committee can accomplish its business as expeditiously as possible.
    B BEDD Rules of Order Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised will govern the proceedings of the Committee, except when those rules are in conflict with the Committee's approved policies and regulations.
    B BEDF Voting Method Votes of the School Committee will be taken by voice vote or a hand count and shall be recorded in the minutes.
    B BEDG Minutes The minutes of a School Committee meeting constitute the written record of Committee actions; they are legal evidence of what the action was.
    B BEDH Public Participation at School Committee Meetings BEDH-E All regular and special meetings of the School Committee shall be open to the public. Executive sessions will be held only as prescribed by the Statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.