Section C - General School Administration

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    C CA Administration The Superintendent, as the executive officer of the School Committee, will establish clear lines of authority and communication, both vertically and horizontally, and will form any staff councils or committees needed to provide for effective conduct of school business
    C CAB Code of Ethics The School Committee approves the ethics guidelines set by the American Association of School Administrators for its members
    C CB School Superintendent The Committee shall employ a Superintendent of Schools and fix his/her compensation
    C CBD Superintendent Contract The Committee, will enter into a written contract
    C CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent The school committee will establish a system to evaluate the Superintendent
    C CCB Line and Staff Relations The Superintendent will establish effective and clearly understood working relationships among all personnel within the school system.
    C CE Administrative Councils, Cabinets, and Committees The Superintendent may establish such permanent or temporary councils, cabinets, and committees as he/she deems necessary.
    C CH Policy Implementation The Superintendent has responsibility for carrying out, through regulations, the policies established by the School Committee.
    C CHA Development of Regulations The Superintendent will be responsible for specifying required actions and designing the detailed arrangements under which the school system will be operated in accordance with School Committee policy.
    C CHC Regulations Dissemination It will be the responsibility of the Superintendent to see that the regulations developed to implement Committee policies and administer the school system are appropriately coded and included as regulations in the School Committee's policy manual.
    C CHCA Approval of Handbooks & Directives CHCA-E The school council shall review the handbook each spring to consider changes in the disciplinary policy to take effect in September.
    C CHD Administration in Policy Absence When action must be taken within the school system where the Committee has provided no guides for administrative action, the Superintendent will have the power to act. The Superintendent's decisions, however, will be subject to review by the Committee.
    C CL Administrative Reports The School Committee will require reports from the Superintendent concerning conditions of efficiency and needs of the schools. School building administrators will be required to keep such records and make reports as the Superintendent may direct or require.
    C CM School District Annual Report An annual report covering the diversified activities of the school system and the administration's recommendations for their improvement will be prepared by the Superintendent and presented to the School Committee.