Section I - Instruction

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    I IB Academic Freedom The School Committee seeks to educate students in the democratic tradition, to foster recognition of individual freedom and social responsibility, to inspire meaningful awareness of and respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    I IC/ICA School Year/School Calendar The school calendar for the ensuing year will be prepared by the Superintendent and submitted to the School Committee for approval by May 1st of each year.
    I ID School Day The length of the school day is established in the collective bargaining agreements with the various school unions.
    I IE Organization of Instruction The organizational plan is designed to facilitate the philosophy of educating every student, each to his/her fullest potential.
    I IGA Curriculum Development To support the classroom activities and other instructional needs of the District, various educational services shall be provided.
    I IGB Support Services Programs To support the classroom activities and other instructional needs of the District, various educational services as listed shall be provided.
    I IGD Curriculum Adoption The School Committee will rely on its professional staff to design and implement instructional programs and courses of study that will forward the educational goals of the school system.
    I IHAE Physical Education The School Committee will attempt to provide every student with an opportunity for wholesome and enriched educational experiences.
    I IHAI Occupational Education The School Committee recognizes that students in kindergarten through grade 12 should be aware of certain attributes of vocational education.
    I IHAM Health Education IHAM-R Good health depends upon continuous life-long attention to scientific advances and the acquisition of new knowledge.
    I IHAMA Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco In accordance with state and federal law, the District shall provide age-appropriate, developmentally appropriate, evidence-based alcohol, tobacco, and drug prevention education programs in grades K-12.
    I IHAMB Parental Notification Relative to Sex Education The Nantucket School Committee has adopted this policy on the rights of parents and guardians of our students in relation to curriculum that primarily involves human sexual education or human sexuality issues.
    I IHB Special Instructional Programs and Accomodations The goals of this school system's special education program are to allow each child to grow and achieve at his own level, to gain independence and self-reliance, and to return to the mainstream of school society as soon as possible.
    I IHBA Programs for Students with Disabilities In keeping with the intention of the state of Massachusetts to offer educational opportunities to all students that will enable them to lead fulfilling and productive lives, the District shall provide appropriate educational opportunities to all resident students in accordance with the requirements of state and federal statutes.
    I IHBAA Observations of Special Education Programs See List of Observations
    I IHBB Gifted and Talented Education Gifted and talented students are those students who demonstrate outstanding performance or the assessed potential for such performance or whose abilities, talents and potential for accomplishment in one or more areas of endeavor are so outstanding that they require special provisions to meet their educational needs.
    I IHBD Compensatory Education Title 1 funds shall be used to provide educational services that are in addition to the regular services provided for Districtstudents. By adoption of this policy, the School Committee ensures equivalence in the provision of curriculum materials and supplies
    I IHBEA English Language Learners The District shall provide suitable research-based language instructional programs for all identified English language learners in grades Kindergarten through 12 in accordance with the requirements of state and federal statutes and Massachusetts Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education regulations and guidance.
    I IHBF Homebound Instruction The schools may furnish homebound instruction to those students who are unable to attend classes for an extended period due to a physical injury, medical situation, or a severe emotional problem.
    I IHBG Home Schooling IHBG-R
    The Massachusetts General Law requires the School Committee to determine that a Home Schooling program meet with the minimum standards established for public schools in the Commonwealth prior to approving such a program.
    I IHBH Alternative School Programs The School Committee may provide alternative education programs where the needs have been identified, where establishment of such programs is feasible, and where the proposed programs fall within the function normally associated with the public school system.
    I IHBHE Remote Learning The remote learning plan will be applicable in cases of disease, weather emergencies, destruction or damage to schools rendering them inaccessible, or other extraordinary circumstances, including emergencies declared by government officials, the school committee, or the Superintendent.
    I IHCA Summer Schools The school system will conduct summer sessions as a supplement to the instruction offered during the school year, when funding for such programs is available.
    I IIB Class Size The Committee reserves the right and authority, on a case by case basis, to establish class sizes based on administrative recommendation and to assign teaching assistants and other support personnel in order to achieve effective instruction.
    I IJ Instructional Materials IJ-R The School Committee believes that materials appropriate to the needs of the school program must be available to each student and teacher.
    I IJL Library Media Center Materials Selection Policy IJL-E The School Committee endorses the School Library Bill of Rights