Section J - Students

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    J JA Student Policies Goals The School Committee can expect to spend much of its time in study, deliberation, and policy formulation on matters directly related to students.
    J JB Equal Educational Opportunities In recognition of the diversified characteristics and needs of our students and with the keen desire to be responsive to them, the School Committee will make every effort to protect the dignity of the students as individuals.
    J JEB Entrance Age Initial admission of children will involve a consideration of both chronological age and the readiness of the children to do the work of those grades.
    J JF School Admissions JF-E-1, JF-E-2
    JF-E-1, JF-E-2
    All children of school age who reside in the town will be entitled to attend the public schools, as will certain children who do not reside in the town but who are admitted under School Committee policies relating to nonresident students or by specific action of the School Committee
    J JFABB Enrollment of Foreign & Exchange Students JFABB - R and P To promote cultural awareness and understanding and to provide diverse experiences for district students, the District may admit up to two foreign students into the high school in any given year.
    J JFABD Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services To the extent practical and as required by law, the district will work with homeless students and their families to provide stability in school attendance and other services.
    J JFABE Educational Opportunities for Military Children In an effort to facilitate the placement, enrollment, graduation, data collection and provision of special services for students transferring into or out of the District because of their parents being on active duty in the U.S. Armed Services, the District supports and will implement its responsibilities as outlined in the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.
    J JFABF Educational Opportunities for Children in Foster Care The purpose of this policy is to ensure the educational stability of students in foster care and their equal access to the same free and appropriate public education through high school graduation as provided to other students as required by law.
    J JFBB School Choice It is the policy of this School District not to admit non-resident students under the terms and conditions of the Interdistrict School Choice Law (M.G.L. 76:12B).
    J JH Student Absences and Excuses There is a legal responsibility that the school system will require students, with specific exception, to be present in school each day to receive the full benefit of a quality education.
    J JHD Exclusion and Exemptions from School Attendance Denial of admission means the withholding of the privilege of enrolling in a school of the District.
    J JI Student Rights and Responsibilities The School Committee has the responsibility to afford students the rights that are theirs by virtue of guarantees offered under the federal and state constitutions and statutes.
    J JIB Student Involvement in Decision-Making As appropriate to the age of students, class or school organizations and school government organizations, such as student councils, may be formed to offer practice in self-government and to serve as channels for the expression of students' ideas and opinions.
    J JIC Student Discipline The School Committee believes that all students deserve every opportunity to achieve academic success in a safe, secure learning environment.
    J JICA Student Dress Policy The responsibility for the dress and appearance of the student will rest with individual students, their parents and their school.
    J JICC Student Conduct on School Buses JICC-R The School Committee and its staff share with students and parents the responsibility for student safety during transportation to and from school.
    J JICE Student Publications Within the school setting, students enjoy the constitutional right of freedom of expression, including the right to express their views in student publicationsand communicating media (electronic, video, television), provided such expression does not cause, or threaten to cause by reasonable forecast by school officials, any disruption or disorder in the school.
    J JICF Gang Activity/Secret Societies The goal of the School Committee is to keep District schools and students free from the threats or harmful influence of any gang.
    J JICFA Prohibition of Hazing JICFA-E The School Committee hereby deems that no student, employee or school organization under the control of the School Committee shall engage in the activity of hazing a student while on or off school property, or at a school sponsored event regardless of the location.
    J JICFB Bullying Prevention The Nantucket Public Schools is committed to providing a safe, positive and productive educational environment where students can achieve the highest academic standards. No student shall be subjected to harassment, intimidation, bullying, or cyber-bullying.
    J JICG Tobacco Use by Students Smoking, chewing, or other use of tobacco products by staff, students, and members of the public shall be banned from all District buildings.
    J JICH Drug and Alcohol by Students JICH-R The Nantucket Public School Committee is committed to discouraging students from using or possessing tobacco products, alcohols, and/or drugs at any time, even at non-school-related activities
    J JICI Possession or Use of Weapons No person shall possess, use or distribute a weapon on school premises, school-provided transportation or areas of other facilities being used exclusively for school activities except as provided in this policy.
    J JIE Pregnant Students The Nantucket Public Schools wishes to preserve educational opportunities for those students who may become pregnant and/or take on parenting responsibilities.
    J JIH Searches and Interrogations Exercise of authority by school officials places unusual demands upon their judgment so as to protect each child's constitutional rights to personal privacy and protection from coercion and to act in the best interest of all students and the schools.
    J JIHD Canine Detection Policy JIHD-R The School Committee recognizes that canine detection of controlled substances/narcotics can be a valuable crime prevention, law enforcement aid used for promoting a safe school environment and evidence detection.