Section K - School-Community-Home Relations

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    K KA School/Community Relations Goals The School Committee and District staff members recognize that community support is based on a mutual exchange, a dynamic process in which the District contributes to the community's success and, in turn, benefits from the community's resources.
    K KBA School/Parent Relations Goals It is the general goal of the District to foster relationships with parents, which encourage cooperation between the home and school in establishing and achieving common educational goals for students.
    K KBBA Non-Custodial Parents Rights A non-custodial parent may have access to the student record in accordance with law and Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education Regulations.
    K KBE Relations with Parent Organizations The Committee encourages the maintenance of formal parent organizations at each school building
    K KCD Public Gifts to the Schools The Superintendent will have authority to accept gifts and offers of equipment for the schools in the name of the Committee when the gift is of educational value.
    K KDB Public's Right to Know The School Committee is a public servant, and its meetings and records will be a matter of public information except as such meetings and records pertain to individual personnel and other classified matters.
    K KDD News Media Relations/News Relations Every effort will be made to assist the press and other communications media to obtain complete and adequate coverage of the programs, problems, planning, and activities of the school system.
    K KE Public Complaints KE-R Although no member of the community will be denied the right to bring their complaints to the Committee, they will be referred through the proper administrative channels for solution before investigation or action by the Committee.
    K KEC Public Complaints about the Curriculum or Instructional Materials Criticism of a book or other materials used in the schools may be expected from time to time.
    K KF Community Use of School Facilities KF-R
    Use of school buildings and other facilities by organizations will be permitted only when a worthy educational, civic, or charitable purpose will be served; or a substantial group of citizens from the community will be benefited
    K KHA Public Solicitations in the Schools The School Committee will place limits on commercial activities and fund-raising activities in the schools
    K KHB Advertising in the Schools No advertising of commercial products or services will be permitted in school buildings or on school grounds or properties without permission of the School Committee.
    K KI Visitors to the Schools The School Committee encourages parents and guests to visit classrooms to observe and learn about the instructional programs taking place in our schools.
    K KJA Relations with Booster Organizations The School Committee recognizes that the endeavors and objectives of booster organizations and similar groups can be a valuable means of stimulating interest in and endorsement of the aims and achievements or our public school system.
    K KLG Relations with Police Authorities Cooperation with law enforcement agencies is essential for the protection of students, for maintaining a safe environment in the District schools, and for safeguarding all school property.