Nantucket Public Schools, in partnership with a caring community, will create a dynamic and equitable learning environment which engages each of us to be inspired learners and responsible citizens, prepared to meet local and global challenges.

    We commit to provide equitable, inclusive, and challenging learning experiences where every student and adult feels seen, heard, valued, and respected.

    Nantucket Public Schools values collaboration, communication, and reflection that supports:

    • Equitable access to multiple pathways for individual and collective success
    • High expectations and a student-centered educational approach that integrates academic progress, extra-curricular participation, personal responsibility, and community involvement
    • Inclusive and sustained family relationships that respect all cultures and the experiences each child brings to our schools
    • Challenging ourselves to embrace and advocate for the needs of every student, adult, and family within our school community



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  • Dear Students, Parents, Staff, and Community Members,

    There is no doubt in my mind that this past school year during the pandemic was one of the most difficult that we have ever gone through. I am so very proud of you – students, parents, and staff – for what you were able to accomplish despite the constant uncertainty and challenging circumstances that COVID-19 threw at us. It was not easy, but we persevered and completed our school year in the best way that we could. Thank you for your assistance, your diligence, and your patience throughout the last 18 months. I hope that you have been able to recharge and reunite with family, friends, and loved ones.

    As we prepare for this school year, we know there will be some changes as to how we will need to operate our schools based on how COVID-19 continues to affect our island. That said, the excitement and anticipation to open our doors to students is still there, and school faculty and staff are really looking forward to welcoming their students in person. A school just is not a school without the sounds of children’s voices and footsteps throughout the halls and classrooms!

    In the meantime, we have been hosting NPS summer programs and Nantucket Community School summer camps in our buildings to provide quality learning and enrichment experiences during July and August. All the while, we have been working hard to make sure everything is ready for our 2021-2022 school year. We have welcomed new educators to our NPS family as they fill newly created positions or take over for those who have retired or moved on. Our Facilities & Grounds Department is hard at work thoroughly cleaning, moving furniture, repainting, and resurfacing classroom areas, and beautifying our campus grounds. Our Tech Department has been busy repairing and setting up Chromebooks and other technology for students and teachers. Although many think that summer is a quiet time in the schools, it is quite the opposite, with our Central Office building, school front offices, and Central Registrar’s office buzzing with visitors and working to get ready for September!

    While we are preparing for the start of school, we hope that you, too, are gearing up for a return to in-person learning in September. Families and caregivers can certainly help to prepare students by encouraging learning opportunities through summer reading, visiting any of the wonderful community organizations on Nantucket that offer historical, scientific and/or environmental experiences. There is much to enjoy in learning about the rich heritage and natural resources on our lovely island!

    One final note: in keeping with expectations of a new superintendent, I created a first-year Entry Plan in the beginning of the year and an End-of-Year Report of Findings, which I shared with the Nantucket School Committee in July. As many of you were involved in meeting with me for interviews and discussion sessions over the course of the year, I wanted to be sure and share with you the results from this important process. Please feel free to review the report, the link to which I have attached here.

    We look forward to welcoming back our NPS students, faculty, and staff soon, and as always, please stay safe and healthy!



    Elizabeth Hallett, Ed.D.
    508-228-7280 x 1150