English Language Arts Curriculum

  • Nantucket Elementary School

    Nantucket Elementary School has introduced Teacher's College Reading Units of Study as a core resource for Reading.  Teachers are also using the Teacher's College Writer's Workshop for writing instruction.  This implementation has been supported with professional development work with a K-5 consultant and a new Instructional Leadership team for K-5 Literacy.  This work is also supported with resources from Fountas and Pinnell Classroom, and through targeted reading instruction for struggling readers.  Students are assessed and progress moniotred using the Fountas and Pinnell text level gradient.  It is their mission to ensure that all students receive the necessary supports to become successful readers and writers.


    Nantucket Intermediate School

    Nantucket Intermediate School has introduced Teacher's College Reading Units of study as a core resource for Reading.  Teacher's have paired this with ongoing instruction in Teacher's College Units ofstudy for Writing.  This implementation has been guided through the ongoing professional development with a K-5 consultant and supported with the work of the K-5 Instructional Leadership team.  At NIS, students are gaining independence as readers and writers through the explicit instruction and reinforcement of the strategies and habits of mind good readers and writers use to further their development.  Here, students are assessed using the Fountas and Pinnell Text level gradient and running records.  Students who struggle receive targetted interventions to support their growth as learners.  

    Teachers College Reading & Writing Project

    Fountas and Pinnell Text Level Gradient

    Cyrus Peirce Middle School

    At Cyrus Peirce Middle School, students from 6th to 8th grade transition from elementary school to high school in a three year period. EAsing this transition, 6th Grade consists of a Reading and a Writing class, with both courses following the middle school modle of Units of Study for Reading and Writing.  7th Grade English Language Arts classes focus on developing readers,with an emphasis on comprehending increasingly complex test.  In 7th grade, students also engage in a year long writing class offering opportunities for practice in informative, persuasive and narrative writing tasks.  In 8th grade, students interact with literature and informational text through book clubs and group projects.  They also being to examine complex core texts as a class, which helps prepare students for increasing rigor in the study of English Language Arts. 

    ELA 6

    ELA 7

    Writing 7

    ELA 8

    Nantucket High School

    The Nantucket High School English Department has a robust program of studies that enables them to meet the needs of all the learners in their charge.  The curriculum is aligned with the MA English Language Arts Framework, and affords students the opportunity to develop and refine their skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Students regularly interact with challenging text and have opportunities to respond to text in writing.  The English department facilitates students' ability to achieve in and out of the classroom, and assists them in truly being college and career ready.

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