Math Curriculum

  • Nantucket Elementary School & Nantucket Intermediate School

    For the 2018-2019 school year, NES & NIS teachers are in the second year of implementing Eureka Math as the core resource for math instruction.  (Grade 2 teachers are in their first year of implementation) Eureka Math was rated as the top math resource in 2015 by Ed Reports.  Eureka Math received top marks because of its alignment to the Common Core State Standards and the three CCSS shifts:

    1. Greater Focus on fewer topics
    2. Coherence: Linking topics and thinking across grades
    3. Rigor: Pursue conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and application with equal intensity

    The Greatminds website has parent information, tip sheets, and homework help for Eureka Math.  It is FREE to join; please create a parent account.

    Another resource with classroom instructional videos and homework help is Embarc

    Math can be fun!  Along with Eureka Math problem sets, teachers use a 'centers-based' approach whenever possible to supplement the instruction of math concepts through games, activities, and websites.  Dice, dominoes, cards, and spinners are common sights in elementary math classrooms.


    Websites for Math Practice: (please ask your student's teacher for his/her log-in)


    ST Math (2-3-4-5)

    IXL (Grade 5)


    Other Resources:


    MA Math Frameworks (updated 2017)

    Illustrative Mathematics

    Achieve The Core


    Math Pacing Guides

    pre-Kindergarten (updating...)

    Eureka Math Curriculum Map k-5



    Cyrus Peirce Middle School

    Currently, math curriculum at CPS is developed by teachers using the MA math framework standards as a base.  Teachers pull lessons, activities, and problem sets from a variety of publishers, websites, and resources. Teachers are using Illustrative Mathematics as a resource with some components of Eureka Math from Great Minds.


    Math Pacing Guides

    Grade 6

    Grade 6 Accelerated Math

    Grade 7

    Grade 7 Accelerated Math

    Grade 8

    Grade 8 Algebra


    Nantucket High School

    NHS math teachers have already adopted Eureka Math as the core math resource. Descriptions of courses are available within the Nantucket Program of Studies.

    Math Pacing Guides

    Eureka Math Curriculum Map 9-12

    Intro to Algebra

    Algebra 1


    Algebra 2

    Advanced Quantitative Reasoning

    Pre-Calculus (updating...)

    AP Calculus (updating...)

    AP Statistics

    Personal Finance