School Nurse

  • Healthy learner


    Meredith Lepore, School Nurse

    Maria Fales, Nurse Assistant

    Mission: Promote the health, safety, and well-being of the school community and to foster an environment for academic success  

    Massachusetts Department of Public Health Requirements for School Attendance

    • Up-to-date immunization record 
      •  All children in kindergarten through grade 5 must have two (2) doses of MMR and 2 doses of varicella vaccines. 
      • The minimal age for the last dose of IVP (polio) is on or after the fourth birthday.
      • 5 doses of DTAP, 4 doses are accepted if last dose is given after the fourth birthday.
      • Hepatitis B 3 doses.
      • Influenza vaccine is hightly recommended yearly. 
    • Physical examination:
      • all children entering preschool and kindergarten
      • all children new to the school system
      • children entering the 4th grade
    • Lead test is required for all children entering kindergarten and preschool.


     MIIS - Massachusetts Immunization Information System