• School Counseling Services


    Often, even before you have thought about college, your school counselor has begun organizing  your search.  Beginning in your junior  year, a wealth  of information and resources will be provided to you.Take the time to plan EARLY and ask for assistance.


    The Guidance Department's role in the high school is best defined by the services school counselors make available to all students:

    · Facilitate students' academic success,

    · Help students better understand their strengths,

    · Identify students' interests, and

    · Aid students in planning for and attaining realistic goals.


    Each student will meet with his or her counselor to evaluate academic progress and to develop educational and career goals.


    Conferences may be initiated either by the school counselor, classroom teachers, the student, or parents/guardians of the student.  Students are always welcome in the Guidance Office. 


    A School Social Worker is also available to assist students with their emotional needs. The school social worker's office is located across from the guidance office.


    NHS/CPS School Social Worker:

    Julie Kingston  kingstonj@nps.k12.ma.us

    room 100B

    508-228-7285 ext 1247