Vocational Technology Department

  • Tom Proch   Vocational Department Head

     Philosophy Statement for Vocational Technical Department

    Each student is recognized as a unique individual with their own specific strengths, needs, learning styles and purpose for enrolling in vocational-technical courses.   Challenging and supportive opportunities are provided for all students to maximize their readiness for life after high school whether it is successful employment in their technical field or continuing their technical or academic education. Students learn to become educated consumers as they incorporate skills and knowledge from vocational courses into their everyday lives. With the use of individualized and differentiated instruction, hands-on projects and problem-solving techniques, the needs of students' diverse learning styles are met.  High expectations encourage individual excellence and foster a strong work ethic to prepare students for their future careers.

    Vocational Education Staff

    Jessica Douglas - Nursing

    Tom Proch - Culinary Arts

    Mike Girvin - Wood Technology

    Derek Mulson - Automotive Technology

    Cassie Thompson - Criminal Justice 

    Amy Tejada- Horticulture, Marine Science, Boat Operations