Art Department


    Art Department Philosophy Statement

    What is art? That depends on who you ask but everyone has an opinion. Art is a critical part of everyone's daily life whether one realizes it or not. From the doodles you scrawl while talking on the phone to the clothes you choose to the paintings you hang on your walls, art is all around us. It is everywhere-  helping to make the world a better place.

    Art is a form of human communication, that much like music, reaches across language barriers, cultural differences and time. People have been expressing themselves through art since the days of cave paintings long before the development of written language. Why?  Because everyone has something to contribute and something to say and for some saying it visually is the truest form of communication. Art teaches students to think creatively, to problem solve critically, and express themselves in a healthy manner.

    Did you wonder where your creativity went from when you were a child with a new box of crayons? Rest assured it is still inside you waiting to be let lose again. Everyone has a visual voice though many never bother to learn the language to express them selves through this wonderful form of communication. Taking  any Art course as part of your high school experience is the first step to once again speaking with your creative visual voice and empowers individuals with the a voice that can be very powerful.

    The free thinking, critical problem solving practices of  today's high school Art students will help prepare them for the challenges of the future. We strongly urge each and every student to participate in an art course and free their inner voice.

    Art Department Staff

    Johanna Townsend

    Merrill Mason

    Melissa Christo