Music Department

  • Erin MacIver    Music Department Head

    The study of music provides the individual with a foundation for understanding the vital connections the musical arts foster in the world socially, culturally and historically. Our music program strives to develop strong music literacy and confidence in performing whether it is singing or playing an instrument alone or with others. Students who elect courses in music study and perform a comprehensive variety of musical repertoire. This study includes the historical connections and musical conventions of the stylistic period. Our belief is that the stronger musicianship skills each individual develops through the classes offered in our program, the greater range of artistic expression he/she will be capable of as a musician. Through the offerings of chorus, band, theory, guitar and Exhibitions, each student has the opportunity to develop solid skills performing in an ensemble, learning about culture and history through music, understanding the basic science of music and creating an individual performance practice. We also strongly recommend serious music students to continue taking private instruction outside of the school to remain competitive for college music auditions.

    Music Department Staff

    Erin MacIver

    Tom Peppard