Science Department

  • Patrick Gregorich      Science Department Head  

    NHS Science Philosophy Statement

    We are surrounded by patterns in nature.  Some of these patterns are obvious: day and night, the seasons, phases of the moon.  Science attempts to describe these patterns using models, either mathematical or conceptual.  A successful model is capable of accurately predicting or explaining the behavior of nature's patterns.  For example, by making some calculations we can predict precisely when the Sun will rise tomorrow, when the shortest day of the year will be, or when the next full moon will occur.  The development of these scientific models is based on the rational analysis of data from observation and experimentation. 

    It is the goal of the NHS science department not only to provide answers to specific scientific questions, but to ultimately instill in the student a broader sense of science. 

    NHS students will

    - understand the value in asking good questions

    - approach problems experimentally

    - accurately interpret and understand the significance of data

    Science Department Staff

    Patrick Gregorich

    Todd Zechmann

    Makaila Lyons

    Sam Mwangi

    James Berwick

    Heather MacDonald