Social Studies Department

  • Nancy Christie       Social Studies Department Head

    Social Studies Department Philosophies

    We believe that everyone should be a lifelong learner.  We further believe that everyone should understand and exercise their rights and responsibilities in a free, democratic society, thus enabling them to function as an informed, responsible citizen.  In our increasingly complex, diverse world, everyone must understand and accept the pluralistic nature of life, recognize human rights, and function as a positive citizen in the world community.  In our core curriculum, World and United States History, we emphasize the development of democratic ideals.  Our elective menu further explores the understanding of government and expands social knowledge with World Religions, Psychology, Sociology, and Contemporary Issues course offerings.

    Social Studies Staff

    Nancy Christie

    Lillian Sosa

    Steve Laredo

    John McGuinness

    Emily Tessier

    Aileen Wiggin