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  • Nantucket High School    

    Countdown Timetable to College


    Freshman Year


    * Create a high school curriculum to satisfy post-secondary education goals.

    Set high standards for achievement, as high school grades carry the most weight for college admissions.
    Master good study habits.
    Meet with your guidance counselor to discuss personal goals.
    Get involved in meaningful activities.
    Register for Naviance. 
    Pass science MCAS.

    Sophomore Year


    * Register and take PSAT tests.

    * Investigate careers and occupations. 

    What looks interesting to you?
    Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.


    * Register and take SAT Subject Tests, if appropriate. (Check with your school counselor.)

    * Update plans for high school courses and activities.

    Discuss your educational plans with your guidance counselor.
    * Pass MCAS tests!


    Junior Year


    * Register and take PSAT tests.

    * Begin gathering information on colleges, trade and/or technical schools via counselors, Internet, etc.

    * Meet with college representatives in NHS guidance office.

    * Prepare to take the SAT Reasoning/ACT tests; take an SAT/ACT   preparatory course.

    * Attend college fairs/information nights.

    * Start learning about school costs and research sources of financial aid.



    * Meet with a your guidance counselor to discuss preliminary school choices.

    * Begin campus visits while classes are in session.

    * Register and take the SAT Reasoning/SAT Subject/ACT tests.

    * Take AP exams, if appropriate.


    Senior Year


    * Continue school visits.

    * Seek out students on Island who attend colleges in which you are interested.

    * Review application/admission requirements for each college on their websites.



    * Attend Open Houses/interview at specific colleges.

    * Attend college fair to gather "last minute" information on colleges.

    * Ask teachers/counselors for recommendations.

    * Register and retake the SAT Reasoning/ACT test, if desired.

    * Register and take the SAT Subject Tests, if appropriate. (Check specific college websites.)

    * Narrow down your choices to approximately five-nine schools.

    * Draft your college essay(s).

    * Request transcripts from guidance through Naviance.

    * Apply to schools by their deadlines.

    * Have test scores sent to schools where applications are submitted.

    * Fill out CSS/Financial Aid Profile or institutional aid applications, if appropriate.

    * Attend financial Aid Planning Night with parents.

    * Move calendar forward if applying for early decision/early action.



    * File FAFSA as soon after October 1st as possible.  Gather/send additional financial information, as required.



    * Apply for scholarships.

    * Take AP exams, if appropriate.

    * Notify your counselor as to what school you have chosen through Naviance.

    * Take the graduation survey in Naviance.



    * ENJOY!