• College Application Process

    After meeting with your assigned school counselor, each student should follow the steps below when applying to colleges/universities:

    1. Fill out the application to the colleges/universities to which you are applying.  If you are using the common application, fill out the application at . Be sure to include the supplements for each college/university.
    2. Write your essay.  Make an appointment with your English teacher to critique your essay.
    3. Request teacher and employee/personal references.  Include a completed copy of the "Information Sheet for Letters of Recommendation", and the date that the recommendations are due in the guidance office. (Recommendations are due in the guidance office two weeks prior to the application deadline.)
    4. Design your resume.  Include school/community activities and honors/awards you have received.
    5. Gather supplemental information that you want to submit with your application.  This packet could include samples of your work, newspaper articles, tapes, and any other supportive materials that set you apart from other applicants.
    6. Call the College Board (1-800-728-7267) or go online ( .) to have your SAT scores sent to the colleges/universities to which you are applying, if required.
    7. Fill out the CSS Financial Aid Profile.  This is required at most private colleges/universities in order to receive their private scholarship monies.  Check the deadlines, as this form takes time for CSS to process.  This form is available in the guidance office or online at .
    8. Complete your portion of the secondary school report/guidance counselor recommendation form.  Give the completed form and the "Information Sheet for Recommendations" to your guidance counselor.
    9. Bring your completed application* (including your resume and essay), application fee, supplemental materials, and a list of colleges/universities to which you are applying (with deadlines) to the guidance office two weeks** prior to the application deadline for mailing.  The guidance office will include your transcript, school profile, schedule, and a class rank report with your application.
    10. *If you have applied online, please bring a copy of your completed application to the guidance office.
    11. **January 1st applications are due in the guidance office on December 6th.
    12. Fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) after October 1st, but before the college/university deadlines.  Applications are available in the guidance office or online at ( .)
    13. Bring the Midyear Report to the guidance office prior to January 20th.  An updated transcript, schedule changes for Semester 2, and additional information will be sent to the colleges/universities to which you have applied.

    GOOD LUCK!!!


    Steps for completing the Common Application 

    · Log on to

    ·   Click on Students icon towards the top of the page

    ·   Follow first link under "student information" to common app online

    ·   Click on "Register" icon in the middle of the page or on the word "register" at the top of the page

    ·   Fill in all required information fields completely

    ·   Create username and password

    ·   Click on "My Application" tab at the top of the page

    ·   Fill in all required fields

    ·   Click on the words "Page 2" at the bottom of the page

    ·   Fill in all fields and proceed to page 3 (*Note: In information fields requesting a resume or personal statement, documents may be pasted in these spaces.)

    ·   Click box verifying that all information submitted is true

    ·   Save work by clicking "Save" box at the bottom of the page

    ·   Click on "Print/Preview" box to view information in application form and/or to print

    ·   Click "OK" in Internet Explorer pop-up box

    ·   Click words "Click Here To Preview Now!"

    ·   Application may be accessed later by logging on to and clicking "login", then enter username and password


    College Interview Guidelines  

    1. Research the college's on-line ( or use the reference sources in the Career Center ; be prepared with some questions.

    2. Call ahead for an appointment and be sure to get a contact name and phone number which you should keep for future reference.

    3. Remember that your first impression is a lasting one so present yourself in the best possible manner.

    4. Talk to other students on campus and ask them if they like the environment there, ask if they get the classes they want when they register and if their advisors are available when they need them.

    5. During the interview ask about housing availability and guarantees.

    6. Inquire about the retention rates of the student body after the first year.

    7. Ask about class sizes for lecture, lab, and regular instructional classes for freshmen and upperclassmen.

    8. Discuss the amount of individual attention students receive and what tutoring and other support services are provided to the students.

    9. Ask about available financial aid and grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study programs.

    10. Inquire about who will be teaching the freshmen classes (i.e. teaching assistants, professors, etc).

    11. Discover what activities or services are provided for freshmen as they adjust to campus living. Check out the campus bulletin boards and pick up a campus paper.

    12. Try to get an accurate amount for the total cost of attending the college.

    13. Always follow up with thank you notes to your on-campus contacts which would include your tour guide.

    14. PREPARE, RELAX, BE YOURSELF, BE HONEST, SELL  YOURSELF, MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT AND ENJOY. An interview is a chance to meet people and to find out about the place you will be calling home for the next few years as you begin the next stage of your life.