• Financial Aid Links:


    Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA) ( www.fafsa.ed.gov )
    Guide to filling out the FAFSA including eligibility requirements and follow-up.  This information is used by colleges and universities to distribute federal and state aid.

    CSS/Financial Aid Profile - ( www.collegeboard.com/profile )
    Guide to filling out the Profile.  This information is used by colleges, universities, and scholarship programs to help them award non-federal student aid funds.

    FinAid- The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid ( www.finaid.org )
    This site has everything you want to know about financial aid.

    Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority MEFA( www.mefa.org/counselor )
    This site allows guidance counselors and families to obtain accurate information about paying for college.

    Here you can download a free e-book  and use the two financial aid calculators unlined.

    Click here to view "After the Acceptance" slide show provided by MEFA representative, Martha Savery.

    Selective Service Registration ( http://www.sss.gov )
    In order to receive federal financial assistance, all males who are US citizens and aliens living in the US who are 18-25, must register with Selective Service.