Alumni General Scholarships

  • Name Description Amount Category Deadline
    Capt Roger Jette Memorial Scholarship For graduating seniors or past graduates of Nantucket High School who attended Nantucket for four years and who are pursuing a degree in the following areas: Computer Engineering, Marine Education, Agricultural Sciences, Aeronautical Industry/Management, or Culinary Arts.� Past recipients are eligible to re-apply. 500 Miscellaneous 4/26/2020
    Evelyn Maglathlin Scholarship The Evelyn Maglathlin scholarship fund has been made available annually for the "benefit of worthy Nantucket High School graduating seniors and/or former Nantucket High School graduates who are unmarried and wish to have a higher education". Applicants must be residents of Nantucket. Financial need will be the first determinant for eligibility for this scholarship. See application for more info. 6000 Need Based 4/27/2020
    Harry Gordon Scholarship Mr. Harry Gordon was very generous with his estate, wanting to support the educational programs of Nantucket students. The yearly interest from his charitable gift �shall first be applied for the purpose of granting scholarships to students furthering their education in the mechanical arts, and, thereafter, any balance may be used for general scholarships, so that the general charitable purpose of this gift shall be fully utilized". Miscellaneous 4/27/2020
    Katherine Gardner Scholarship Ms. Katherine Gardner was a long-time teacher in the Nantucket Schools and had established a Nantucket High School Scholarship Fund. Interest from this fund shall be used to assist Nantucket High School graduates with their financial obligations in further educational programs. 1000 Miscellaneous 4/27/2020
    Maribeth Ingram Snow This scholarship, established in 1982, is for a senior or graduate of Nantucket High School with a disability. 225 Miscellaneous 4/27/2020
    Milton I. & Zelda G. Zlotin Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to graduating senior or alumni students who are legal residents and have a financial need. 500 Need Based 4/27/2020
    Miriam Congdon-Altschul Scholarship Applicants for the Miriam Congdon Scholarship must be residents, or primary family members of residents, of Nantucket. Undergraduates will get priority over those seeking graduate level education. Financial need will be the first determinant for eligibility. See application for more info. Need Based 4/27/2020
    Rick Moran 79 Memorial Scholarship For a graduating senior or past graduate of Nantucket High School who attended NHS for four years and is pursuing studies in a trade, vocational, or technical school. The amount of the Scholarship is $500.00. 500 Trades 4/27/2020
    Rose and Simon R. Kaufman Scholarship This scholarship is made available to a deserving graduating senior or an alumnus who is planning a career in teaching or nursing. 500 Education 4/27/2020
    Ruth Haviland Sutton Scholarship The sum of this scholarship(s) totals approximately twelve thousand ($12,000.00). Choice of recipients will be based on merit, character, scholastic standing, financial need, and ambition for higher education. The award(s) may be given to one, two or three individuals. Former recipients will be considered if they are continuing their studies successfully. 12000 Miscellaneous 4/27/2020