• Audio & Video Resources for CP United States History II Course

    One of the great things about studying the 20th century (as opposed to earlier periods in history), is that the 20th century is full of amazing video and audio sources. We have speeches, live event footage, films, television and radio programs, news broadcasts, documentaries, songs, etc. Each of these give us a better glimpse, a deeper understanding of the times and the people who lived through them.

    For each video and audio selection, I will try to give you a brief description of what it is about and how it connects with the chapter, unit, or topics we are learning about in the course. I will also put information about some that I think are important or interesting that we do not watch, but that I feel you may want to watch on your own.

    Some of the examples listed below were made in later periods, but are included where they are because they take a look at an earlier period. Some of these are left where they are made because they show us more of what the later time period felt or 'remembered' about earlier times.

    To access the videos and audio selection for a particular term, click on the appropriate link.