Classroom Rules and Information

  • ---> Cell Phones: off and in caddy - taken and given to office - only use when told to by me

    ---> Headphones: not allowed - taken - come back after school - only use when told to by me

    ---> Computer: away unless needed - told to by me

    ---> Bathroom & Hall: 1 out and sign out - if abuse, must stay after school

    ---> Nurse, Office, Etc: must have a written pass

    ----------> for both of these, if out to long, wandering, do not sign out, etc = mini skip = lowering of your term grade

    ---> Food and Drink: allowed, snacks (not meals), clean up after yourself

    ---> Hats / Headwear: not allowed

    ---> Attendance: 14 for semester courses / 29 for year long / makeups based on days absent

    ---------> If exceed these numbers, you will not receive credit for the course

    ---> Skipping: zero for anything we do (cannot make it up) / 5 points off term grade

    ---> Respect: everyone will treat everyone [and everything] with respect


    Homework - My basic philosophy is this: if you do not interfere with my time, I will try to not interfere with your time

    --->Do not assign nightly homework, but you may be required to do some stuff out of school

    ----------> if you do, it will most likely be to finish project-based assignments



    ---> Do not assign textbooks to individual students

    ---> When we use textbooks it will be in class



    ---> Grades are based on total points, not categories

    ---> Every assignment is worth a certain amount of points

    ---> Weekly Grade: based on a number of factors, including, but limited to,: activators, following class rules, tardiness, etc


    Fire Drills

    ---> Exit room and take a left

    ---> Go out door on left before door

    ---> Go to Field Hockey field - lineup near goal closest to school

    ---> Must check in with me - if not, counts as a skip - I must take attendance and get it to the principal

    ---> Must stay together as a class

    ---> When instructed, head back to class


    Intruder Drills

    ---> I will check the corridor and then shut and lock the door and turn off lights

    ----------> if you are out the room, go to closest room - do not come back to the class

    ---> We will quickly push heavy objects (filing cabinets, desks, etc.) against doors - all 3

    ---> We gather in back of room between my desk and closets

    ---> Must stay quiet until police / administration unlock door